From its conception, TerraKoat International has always
developed, manufactured, and distributed our products.
Increasing demand has been overwhelming.  Our never
wavering commitment to research and development and
quality control is what makes our products stand out above
all others. The bottom line is we offer a better product at a
better price.   We are now at a point where in order to continue
our commitment to quality it's time to share the wealth.
We are now accepting distributorship requests. 



Benefits Of Becoming A TKI Distributor.



#1. You don't sell it You don't Pay for it. "No Risk"

#2. Free Website Referrals. 

#3. Exclusive Territories for stocking dealers.

#4. Free sales training & product technical training.

#5. Higher profit margins than any competitor.

#6. Innovative Packaging 4 times less space.

#7. Distributors Starter Order Only $750

#8. Sell the highest quality product money can buy!!


Not everyone can be a distributor.  If you have a business model that offers
great customer service and stands behind what you sell,  complete the form
below and we will provide you with more details about becoming a distributor. 

It's time to get on the train before it passes you by!!!

TKI Distributor Request Form