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**Delivery Charges**

TerraKoat International offers free delivery to any accessible  address in the continental United States. Most orders are delivered via UPS Ground. Although UPS does provide an estimated time frame to deliver to your location, UPS Ground Service time frames are not guaranteed. If you would like your order shipped using a faster service with a guaranteed time frame just let us know. If it can be done we will do our best to fullfill your request.


 At TerraKoat International we stand behind and warranty everything we sell. Our high quality control standards are what sets us apart from competitors.  Combining that with individualized batch testing performed prior to shipping every order is why product failures at TerraKoat International are virtually nonexistent.  We are proud to be the only company in our industry that can make that statement with 100% certainty.  We have never had a single product failure. Not one. Not ever.  We maintain chain of custody records from the moment materials arrive at out facility until the products are loaded on the truck for delivery.  This process is what dictates our return policy.  Accepting product returns would break that chain of custody.  We could not resell returned product with 100% certainty the product would meet our strict quality standards. As such we strongly suggest that before placing your order, double check your measurements and calculations to make sure you are ordering the correct quantity as we can not accept any returns and all sales are final.